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The Free Master of Arms

The Free Master of Arms
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Transcription and translation of Charles Besnard’s Le maistre d’arme liberal.

Published in 1653, Charles Besnard’s Le maistre d’arme liberal (The Free Master of Arms) was the fencing master’s “treatise of the theory of the art and practice of the single sword or the foil”, in which he also discussed the contemporary matter of duelling.

Although apparently little known in its time, by the 19th century, the treatise was accorded considerable prestige by fencing historians as the first known work of the modern French school of fencing.

This modern edition sees Besnard’s treatise transcribed and translated in full, complete with the original pictures, as well as a detailed historical background.

Anne Chauvat is a historical fencer specialising in martial traditions from the 16th and 17th centuries. Her research background and enthusiasm for linguistics quickly led her to work on transcriptions and translations of martial texts.

Rob Runacres is a historical researcher and fencer, specialising in French fencing and martial texts from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. He has practised martial arts for most of his life and is the founder of the Renaissance Sword Club.

Table of Contents

  •     Introduction
  •     Translators’ notes
  •     Acknowledgements
  •     Transcription: Le Maistre D’arme Liberal
  •     Images
  •     Translation: The Free Master of Arms
  •     Bibliography

Broschiert, 221 S., zahl. Abb. Text auf Englisch!

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