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Windsor: Advanced Longsword

Windsor: Advanced Longsword
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Form and Function.

This book builds on the foundation laid in The Medieval Longsword, and teaches you how to train Fiore dei Liberi’s Art of Arms, as shown in his 1410 manuscript ll Fior di Battaglia. In it Guy Windsor explain three of the longsword forms that are used every day in The School of European Swordsmanship:

  • The Cutting Drill
  • The Farfalla di Ferro
  • The Longsword Syllabus Form

Each form is explained step by step and application by application, with abundant photographs and images from Fiore’s manuscript. I take you through each step first as a pair drill, then as part of the form, then as a starting point for further training, or for further research into Il Fior di Battaglia.

Within these pages, you will find in-depth instructions and analysis, dozens of tips for how to improve your skills, and enough material for years of study.


Introduction to the Mastering the Art of Arms Collection


  •      Learning a physical art
  •      Living with perfectionism
  •      Run a diagnostic
  •      How to create a form

Part One 

  • The Cutting Drill
    • The Punta Falsa
    • Countering the Punta Falsa
  • Farfalla di Ferro

Part Two 

  • The Syllabus Form
  • Drawing the Sword
  • Sword Handling One
  • Exchange the Thrust
    • Spear
  • The Feint
  • Break the Thrust, Backhand
  • Break the Thrust, Forehand
    • The 17-20 Drill
    • The Pollax
  • Parry and Strike, Forehand
  • The Sword in One Hand
  • Parry and Strike, Backhand
  • Sword Handling Two
  • The Punta Falsa
  • The Sword in Armour
  • Using Sottani
  • The Counterattack
    • Creating Appearances
    • Control the Line
    • Extend the Line
    • The Stretto Form of First Drill
    • The Stretto Form of Second Drill
  • The Colpo di Villano
  • Blade Grab and Kick
    • Basic Kicking
    • The Front Kick
    • The Round Kick
    • The Side Kick
    • All Three Together
    • Kicking Targets
    • More Advanced Kicking
  • Withdraw Under Cover

Part Three 

  • Training with Sharps
    • Test Cutting
    • Sharp Swords
    • Sharpness and Sharpening
    • Why you should train with sharp swords and how to go
      about it without killing anyone
  • Using the Form
    • Learning to Attack
    • The Syllabus Form Applications Drill
  • Final Remarks

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Mastering the Art of Arms 3.

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